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2008 Ford Escape Hybrid…We have them!

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Gene W. Pankey

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Gene W. Pankey

age 76, joined the Lord on August 22nd, 2011. Gene was diagnosed with lung cancer in March and wanted to visit Maui one last time. On his 76th birthday, Gene was admitted to Maui Memorial for shortness of breath and passed away the following week. Gene taught us what it meant to truly live and be grateful for all that God had given him. Throughout his terminal illness, and even in the final days at Maui Memorial Hospital, surrounded by his loving wife Margaret, his six children, and Pastor Ralf Kalms, he reminded us that “God is good”. Gene was born on August 15, 1935 in Clarkston, WA to Gray and Eugenia Pankey. He grew up in Kooskia, ID where his parents owned the local grocery store. After high school, Gene was enrolled at Whitworth College in Spokane, WA and then joined the US Army and was stationed in England. He served proudly and honorably for six years before finding his career in the auto business. Gene worked in the automobile business for 45 years and established Gene Pankey Motor Company in 1978. Throughout his years in business, Gene was proud of the company’s reputation of taking great care of their customers, which is evidenced by over 60% of new business coming from repeat customers. Active in his industry, Gene served as State Manager, Regional Manager, and Vice President of U-Save Auto Rental of America, President of the Washington State Independent Auto Dealers, President of the National Fleet Resale Dealers Association and Western Vice President of the National Independent Auto Dealers Association. He received numerous awards and recognition from these organizations during his career. Gene was a generous man and a leading example of how to give back to the community. He spent 8 years as a trustee and now emeritus for the Tacoma Rescue Mission, he served 30 years in the Clover Park Rotary Club and was a past president, and was a founding director for Northwest Commercial Bank. Gene, deaf in one ear at birth and became nearly deaf in the other ear 10 years ago, focused his attention on founding “Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration” to raise money for medical research for regenerating hair cells after hearing loss. Gene was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award through Rotary International. Additionally, a Habitat for Humanity House is being built in his honor in Tillicum, WA. He was a genuine and respected leader. Gene and Margaret have been active members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Parkland and Christ Lutheran Church in Lakewood for nearly 40 years. Gene was an avid reader, most interested in reading the Bible, biographies, history and current events. He loved to travel, France and Maui being his repeat favorites. His greatest happiness came from spending time with his wife Margaret and his adoring family. Gene is survived by his wife Margaret of 43 years, whom he cherished and loved dearly, and his six beloved children: Lisa Gregory, Annandale, VA, Lora Owen, Puyallup, WA, Craig Pankey, Manchester, NH, Gena Cook, Seattle, WA, Deanna Harding, Seattle WA and Jennifer Pankey, Gig Harbor, WA. He has 11 grandchildren, Timothy, James, Susanne, Jerad, Tevin, Emily, Zachary, Charles, Madison, Olivia and Abigail, as well as 4 great-grandchildren. His brothers, James and Steve Pankey, both from Kooskia, ID, and sister Lynda Swinehart, Zillah, WA, also survive him. A memorial service will be held at Christ Lutheran Church on September 10th, 2011 at 1:00 pm, followed by a reception to celebrate his life well lived. 8211 112th Street SW, Lakewood, WA. Donations can be made to any of the organizations that were important to Gene: The Tacoma Rescue Mission P O Box -1912 Tacoma, WA 98402 Clover Park Rotary Club “Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration” P O Box 98764 Lakewood, WA 98498 Christ Lutheran Church Endowment Trust 8211 112th Street SW Lakewood, WA 98498 The family would like to thank Dr. Oliveira and staff and the loving nursing staff at Maui Memorial Hospital who showed us all the “Aloha spirit” during his final days. Arrangements by Mountain View Funeral Home.  253-584-0252. Please sign the online guest book at

Obituary published 9/2/11 Tacoma News Tribune:

Trying Something Different…

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Have you heard about Chevrolet’s new manufacturer’s warranty?

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When you consider the depreciation factor buying a brand new vehicle could be as high as 30% the first year from what you paid out the door, buying a used vehicle becomes an attractive option subject to buyer having done proper homework getting valid value and not ending up with a lemon parked in the driveway.  While doing your homework you will find that Gene Pankey Motor Co. has many positives.

1. We do not sell any vehicle on our lot that we would not allow our own families to drive, we do consider our customers to be family!

2. All vehicles on our lot go through the proper Safety Service guidelines before being sold to the public.

3. 70% of our inventory is a off lease/fleet vehicle, this means 1 owner as well as proper maintenance on the vehicle while in use.

Now this is the best part, for the year 2007 and newer Chevrolet products now come with a Transferable, Powertrain, Manufacturer’s warranty for 5yrs/100k. miles..

Now what does this mean to our customers?

Not only do you have the option on our lot of many different kinds of gently, preused vehicles, but the majority of them are off/lease/fleet vehicles, well maintained and we have many that qualify for the New Chevrolet Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Its a  win, win situation… Purchase a well maintained, well-priced vehicle, after it has already depreciated and still maintain the Manufacturer’s original warranty!!!

View the link below for specific details.

Get your vehicle ready for the cold weather!

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Cars require special maintenance and care during winters because of harsh weather conditions like freezing temperatures and snowfalls. A few car care tips for winters are described below.

Routine Maintenance: For winters, you should make sure that your vehicle’s battery and charging system are operating properly. In cold weather, a battery’s cranking power can get seriously affected. Moreover, increased electrical power is needed to start your car in low temperatures. Store jumper cables and a portable power pack in the trunk of your car to be prepared for worst situations. Moreover, make sure that your heater and defroster work properly. Have your brakes examined professionally and make sure that worn out brake pads are replaced. Check your wiper blades and change them if they streak. Also, consider using winter wiper blades that remove ice buildups.

Lubrication: To help the engine startup easily during cold weather, use a multiviscosity oil. Low viscosity component in such oils helps reduce the wear and tear by quickly moving to critical engine parts. Completely synthetic oils are also available to protect your engines in all temperatures.

Filters, Coolant and Hoses: Ensure that the air, oil and gas filters are properly filled up. Check your coolant level and thermostat operation to confirm proper engine warmup. Check for soft or leaking hoses and replace them immediately. Also, verify that the radiator and coolant tank pressure caps are in place

Tire Pressure: Thoroughly inspect your tires to check for proper inflation and excessive wear and tear. Good tread in tires is required to drive safely over the snow and ice. Moreover, both under inflation and over inflation of tires can be detrimental. Under inflation increases wear and fuel utilization, while over inflation reduces traction, particularly in icy weather conditions. Opt for snow tires if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall.

Dealing with ice: Always keep window ice scrapers and de-icers with you to remove ice from the locks. Also, keep a sad bag in the trunk of your car as its weight gives added traction to the rear wheels and the sand can be used to sprinkle on the snow or ice to gain traction.

Maintain Adequate Fuel in the Tank: Never allow the fuel tank to drop below the halfway mark. A sudden stormy weather with unanticipated heavy snowfall might leave you stuck anywhere for hours. If you have adequate fuel supply, you can start the engine frequently from time to time to keep the vehicle warm.

You can easily take out your car for long drives during winters if you properly maintain it by following the tips described above.

Things you should check on your vehicle before leaving on a road trip.

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We have one of the big outdoor holidays coming up, Memorial Weekend.

This starts the year off with the beginning of family road trips, whether your going camping for the weekend or visiting family in another state for the week.

There are a few things on your vehicle that you should check on before leaving…

Remember it’s always easier to fix problems before hand than when your left stranded on the road.

First you should check your vehicle for the sign of any fluid leaks.

These small issues can easily turn into big problems once you leave town.  They can also be costly repairs and leave you stranded on the side of the road. The safety of everyone in the vehicle is well worth handling these problems before hand. The most common source of leaks is the radiator, heater,  radiator hoses, power steering hoses and the engine oil pan.

Check and top off all the fluids for the car.

This would include the Power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid and the engine oil.  Be sure to check your owner’s manual on how to check the transmission and the other fluids for your specific car. Running out of one of these fluids while on a road trip can cause you to stall your car or over heat.

Check the Tire Pressure in all of the tires.

Low air pressure can cause your car to use more gas, wear faster on the tires and run hotter. Hot tires are more prone to blowouts during extended highway driving. The last thing that you want to experience on your road trip is a tire blowout in your car. Make sure that you check the air pressure in all of the tires on the car and also on the spare tire. Look for the correct air pressure on the sticker that is located on the driver’s door. If that is missing from the door of your car, than consult your owner”s manual.

Check the condition of all the belts on the car.

Broken belts are one of the most common reasons for roadside assistance calls. You should easily be able to find replacement belts at your local auto store. It’s much easier to replace a belt on your car when you are in your own garage then having to find a place out on your road trip after your car has broken down on the side of the road. Before leaving for your road trip, replace any belts that are cracked or worn down.

Check all exterior lights on the car.

This is one of the easiest things to check on your car before a road trip, but it is commonly forgotten. Any information on light bulb replacements and how to replace them can be found in the car’s owner manual. Turn the key to the accessories position and check the turn signals, brake lights, high beams, running lights and back up lights on both the front and back of the car. The easiest way to do this is either with another person watching or in your garage with the door shut so you can see the reflections against the walls.